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Educational Presentations

All of our presentations are linked to the national curriculum and built to fit into a one hour lesson. We can shorten this to 45 minutes if so required to fit your lesson plan.

Our maximum limit to the number of pupils per lesson is 35. Please remember that it takes time to touch, look and hold the animals and larger numbers will shorten the amount that can be shown within the appointed time. With smaller groups the viewers will get more ´hands-on´ time.

For schools we can offer single lessons, half days (mornings 3 x 45 minutes/3 x 1 hour), (afternoons 2 x 45 minutes / 2 x 1 hours) and full days, (5 x 45 minute/5 x 1 hour). If you would like a longer lesson we can offer up to 3 x 75 minute or 3 x 90 minute lessons in a day. The overall cost of the visit becomes cheaper the more lessons/days you book. Discounts on block and multiple bookings, please ask for more details. 

Nursery visits and other establishments are always booked by the hour lesson.

Please click on the relevant Key Stage leaf for topics:


Terms of Booking