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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hold a full CRB?

Yes all our staff hold a a valid CRB which is emailed to the customer along with the invoice. Please pass this to your school office as we dont carry this with us unless specifically requested.

Do you hold Public Libility Insurance?

Yes to the sum of £5 million and a copy is also supplied with your invoice.

Do you have a Risk Assessment you could send me?

Yes a copy is automaticlly sent with your invoice.

Do you hold a Performing Animal Act Licence?

As most Councils require us to hold a PAAL, we are registered with Stockton Council. All our animals are listed on the licence and new animals are added to the PAAL which is updated regularly. We have been vet checked and our animals and their enclosures have undergone all the necessary checks by the councils animal welfare officers. Again a copy of this information is sent to you with your other paperwork.

What animals are in my chosen topic?

At the time of booking we can go through topics and let you know what you will see in them. Each topic has a relevant set of animals dedicated to that talk. This means that if you pick deserts you will see only desert animals and if you pick rainforest then that’s where the creatures are from! Many companies will use a set number of animals for all their talks, this is where we differ from them.

What is ‘pick and mix’?

This is a list of all the animals that we have that can be used at the present time. This list sometimes changes. In the past we have been asked for a specific animal or group of animals rather than a talk from our set program. We therefore started the idea of ‘pick and mix’, where you choose your own selection of animals to make the session that much more special. Its great for parties and you could even invent your own theme for the event, like ‘creepy crawlies’, ‘reptiles’ or ‘get me out of here!’ The number of animals you can choose depends on the length of time you require for your session.

What about price?

Our set talks are designed to be one hour long. However sometimes clients want shorter visits, although most want longer! We offer discounts the longer you want us, so half, full and multiple days, as well as block bookings lowers the price. Our birthday parties again can be lengthened buy adding in various packages to suit. Please contact us with your requirements either by phone, email or by the booking form on this website.

Are there any hidden costs?

In a single word, NO! Many companies show prices on their websites only for you to find hidden costs of vat or travel to and from your venue added on which can add large amount to your overall costs. The price you are given is the price you pay.

Do I need to supply anything?


We ask that all school groups be sat on chairs or benches in an open square or semi circle, this includes foundation years. There are may reasons for this which we have discovered over the past decade but feel it is much better for ranger to child eye contact, stops over crowding and also to keep the animals away from the floor. Many of our mammals will sit well behaved when held, however when only inches from the ground feel that they are being placed on the floor and want to go exploring. Reading groups on the floor are hard to move around safely for the presenter, animals and the children’s safety.

If you have any problems please make sure that we are well aware at the time of booking. Anything different will be written on your invoice, which is emailed to you a few days after booking. Please check that it is written on there, if not please contact us.

Many of our KS1-4 sessions require the use of a computer and overhead display for power point presentations. If you do not have this facility in the room you intend us to use please let us know in advance and we can bring our own. NB. We only carry this equipment when required. This will be marked on your invoice in a notes section; there are no additional costs for us using our own equipment, we just need to be able to plug in.


We understand seating is limited as is often space. Where there are chairs we offer these to adults and ask that children be sat on the floor with their backs to their parents/guardians knees. We cannot clamber over double or triple rows for the safety of the animals, presenter and the audience. We will bring a projector, screen and computer for any power point presentation if so required, all we need to a plug in point.

Open Events/Petting Zoo:

This is a little different as we set up animals for display and handling and there is no set topic, talk or limit to the people that can attend. Basically we bring along a huge selection of animals that will be of interest to the young and old alike. Many of the animals can be touch and handled under our supervision, however there will be also be some animals that are for viewing only. Depending on the room allocated to us we can display up to four six-foot tables of animals. If you don’t have tables available please inform us so that we can arrange to bring our own. This will be written on the note section of your invoice. If it is missing please inform us a.s.a.p.

We will require electric to plug in our lighting and heating equipment. During the summer we are happy to be placed in a marquee as long as there are sides. If electric hook-up is to be a problem we can use a silent generator, we do not bring this as standard so please make sure we are well aware of your requirements. Again this information will appear in the note section on your invoice.

Hand Washing:


At all events we supply either a antibacteria gel, hand foam or wipes. We also highly recommend washing your hands at the soonest opportunity. We will inform you of this at the beginning and end of all sessions and there will be clear visible signs at open events informing to use the supplied cleaning materials and of hand washing.

NB: All the above information will be gone through on the phone, if you find something is missing please don’t panic, let us know and we will, I’m sure be able to easily resolve the situation.Do you hold a full CRB?